Those Who Give/anne Arundel County Doreen Robb

November 24, 1991|By Ellen Hawks

* PERSONAL: Age 29. Works for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C., in the Wetlands Division. Born in Ohio and grew up in New York. Came to Maryland on a fellowship with the USEPA in January 1989. Has a dog, a cat and an aquarium.

* WHERE DO YOU VOLUNTEER? "Jug Bay Wetlands in Lothian."

* WHAT DO YOU DO: "I teach a basic canoe course and take visitors on tours focusing on the wetland ecology. I feel compelled to share what I know about the wetlands and that it is a vital critical area, important to protect."


* HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME? "It is difficult but I prioritize. Also I work with a national program in an office all day and it is easy to loose touch with the source so I like to get out and talk with people and hear their concerns. Too, if something is important you find time."

* WHAT, IF ANY, ARE THE DIFFICULTIES? "Tailoring your talk to an audience with various levels of interest and knowledge in wetlands. Some want a canoe trip and others come to learn about ecology. I try to give each what they have come for."

* HOW DO YOU BENEFIT? "Getting out in a beautiful area, keeping in touch with what it is I'm trying to protect."

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