Those Who Give/baltimore County Candice Franklin And Shaneia Stewart

November 24, 1991|By Ellen Hawks

* PERSONAL: Shaneia and Candice are age 12 and in the seventh grade at Garrison Forest School in Baltimore County. Shaneia lives in Owings Mills with her mother Burshia and stepfather Myron McCoy plus three brothers and one stepsister. Candice lives in Reisterstown with her parents Delores and Roger Franklin and a brother.

* WHERE DO YOU VOLUNTEER? "We volunteer with Pets on Wheels each Friday after school with our teachers. We take their dogs to Rosewood Center," says Shaneia. Teacher Tina Moran owns the golden retriever named Piper and teacher Penny Miller the Irish Wolfhound named Merlin. "We switch dogs so that we can have a chance to handle both," says Candice.

* WHAT DO YOU DO? "We visit patients and make them happy," says Candice. "Our teacher told us about the need and we wanted to give it a try," says Shaneia.

* HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN VOLUNTEERING? They began last year, they say.

* HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME? "We go right after school with our teacher and it is no problem," says Shaneia. "Field hockey has ended and basketball hasn't begun so it is easy for me," says Candice.

* WHAT, IF ANY, ARE THE DIFFICULTIES? Both students agree that it is pleasure, not a difficulty. They also agree they want to continue the volunteering.

* HOW DO YOU BENEFIT? "If it makes the people happy, then it makes me happy," says Shaneia. "It's fun making people feel good and many of them smile and that's good," says Candice.

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