Those Who Give/baltimore City Michael Nachshen

November 24, 1991|By Ellen Hawks

* PERSONAL: Age 17. Senior at Pikesville High School. Lives in Baltimore, moved from New York when in ninth grade. Family (( lives in Pikesville. Has a brother and two older stepbrothers.

* WHERE DO YOU VOLUNTEER? "In the emergency room at Sinai Hospital giving them eight to 10 hours each week. Also at the Milford Mill Recycling Center when they need me."

* WHAT DO YOU DO? "I guess you could say I hang out in the emergency room. I transport patients and run errands. I am considering going into medicine and I want to know more."

* HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN VOLUNTEERING? "I've been there just one month. This is a project at school called the career development program. I was interested in medicine so I applied to Sinai."

* HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME? "I'll always be interested in medicine. Also, instead of taking classes that I did not need in order to graduate, I do this instead and also get credit."

* WHAT, IF ANY, ARE THE DIFFICULTIES? "Seeing how cruel people can be to each other like beating up. It's not the blood that bothers me, it's what others can do that bothers me. I've lived in a pretty sheltered world and the cruelty shocked me."

* HOW DO YOU BENEFIT? "It's when some little kid needs stitches and I can blow up a rubber glove and make a balloon for him to take his mind off it. I've also learned a lot about medicine and the human body. Also I guess I feel the staff benefits when I run samples back and forth and relieve them so they do their thing."

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