From The Sun Nov. 24-30, 1841NOV. 24: The failure of the...


November 24, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Nov. 24-30, 1841

NOV. 24: The failure of the Southern mail to reach this city on Monday evening at the usual hour, was caused by the cars from this city, on the Washington Road, running off the track near Beltsville.

NOV. 26: Yesterday was by proclamation Thanksgiving Day throughout all "down East." That it was duly honored there no one can possibly doubt. It was honored here, too, by many a xTC descendant of the Pilgrim fathers.

From The Sun Nov. 24-30, 1891

NOV. 25: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are endeavoring to have the nails from packing house boxes picked up from the streets and gathered from the sweepings of the stores. It is said that these nails get into horses' feet, causing lockjaw and death.

NOV. 26: Thanksgiving Eve was a sort of minor Christmas Eve in Baltimore, and the out-of-door picture the city presented was full of life and gayety, as if the hurrying crowds already cherished pleasant anticipations of the day with good dinners.

From The Sun Nov. 24-30, 1941

NOV. 28: Three streets needed in connection with the expansion program of the Maryland Dry Dock Company will be condemned by the Navy Department, the Board of Estimates was told yesterday. The thoroughfares are Childs, Lackey and Marine Streets.

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