Asbestos fears can affect collectors, too

November 24, 1991|By Chicago Tribune

Although many collectors and dealers may pooh-pooh the theory that certain antiques or collectibles are thought to be unsafe, others take such matters very seriously and want to avoid any danger or mishaps.

Old heating devices such as steel ranges and over-the-burner stove-top ovens were sometimes insulated with asbestos to conserve heat and fuel. Some asbestos stove linings, or stove-top linings, were combined with other fireproof materials.

If you care to know exactly what a stove lining is composed of, and whether any of that material is asbestos, write Michael Fleck in care of Environzone Inc., 7105 Virginia Road, Suite 24-C, Crystal Lake, Ill. 60014, who, for a fee, will take a sample and test the material. Enclose an addressed, stamped business-size envelope, or phone him at (815) 477-5501.

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