Feeling burned, Celtics close door on Microwave

November 22, 1991|By Boston Globe

BOSTON -- Vinnie Johnson and the Boston Celtics broke off talks late last night, pulling the plug on hopes the Microwave will be wearing a Boston uniform this season.

Johnson, 35, rejected the team's one-year, $315,500 offer, at which point the Celtics withdrew that offer and announced they no longer would pursue one of the game's most explosive offensive weapons.

Although Mitch Frankel, Johnson's agent, said last night this did not mean he was "closing the door on the Celtics," chief executive officer Dave Gavitt had a different message.

"It's over," he said. "This is a dead deal."

According to Frankel, the factors that led his client to reject the offer were more than just monetary.

"Vinnie had a genuine concern that he might get into a situation where he might not be able to play a substantial amount of minutes," said Frankel, "and that might affect his value down the road -- especially with a one-year contract."

When the Celtics heard this reasoning, they decided to pull the offer from the table, said Gavitt.

"As soon as we heard talk about minutes, that was it," said Gavitt.

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