Hints Of Thanksgiving Striped Bass Surface


Fall Rockfish Season May Be Extended 3 Days

November 22, 1991|By Cpt. Bob Spore

Several interesting and unusual items are coming from this fall's striped bass or rockfish season.

Last Sunday was supposed to be the last day of both the recreational and charter fall striped bass season.

On Sunday morning there was a gale, and we joked on the radio while bobbing up and down about the season being continued for another three hours on Thanksgiving.

The water was so rough in the morning that very few anglers ventured out, and so few fish were caught.

Ihave learned there is a good possibility some form of striped bass season (recreational, charter or both) will open Thanksgiving and run through Saturday, Nov. 30.


One of the hottest, if not the hottest, lure of the season is the 9/0 Crippled Alewive with a green back and a white belly.

Traditional fall rock fishermen would spin intheir graves to hear that a lure as big as this was even considered for fall striped bass fishing.

Usually, it is the small to tiny 1/0 to 2/0 bucktails with a small strip of pork rind or possibly a plastic grub that take fall fish.

In addition to size, color is also significant. The 9/0 green Crippled Alewive has always been a favoriteof mine for late spring to summer bluefish, but I never considered green a fall color. White or yellow bucktails have always been the fare.


A surprising number of Anne Arundel deer hunters hunt the first week of the West Virginia deer season.

I used to hunt out ofWardensville in the George Washington National Forest. Later, I joined friends hunting the northeast part of the state near Leadmine.

The West Virginia deer season opens Monday and runs through Dec. 7.

Maryland residents should be aware that West Virginia has started apolicy for which hunters must show proof of having passed a hunting safety course or have in their possession their 1990 hunting license.Without either, hunters will be denied a 1991 license.

Maryland and other states require hunters to show a safety card or a previous year's license, but not necessarily last year's. The West Virginia policy will require hunters to go back every year or take the hunting safety course.

West Virginia has had a problem in the southwest portion of the state with forest fires. Earlier this week, however, the Division of Natural Resources announced that the danger had passed, and all areas of the state are open for hunting. Officials do ask all hunters to exercise caution when afield.

Bob Spore is a Coast Guard-licensed charter boat captain from Pasadena. His Outdoors column appears every Friday and Sunday in The Anne Arundel County Sun.

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