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November 22, 1991

New Leadership

Editor: After reading your news report in The Sun, Nov. 9, in which President Bush said the nation is not in a recession, I am very concerned about the future of our country.

How could any thinking person make such a statement when all around the country people are being laid off, businesses are going bankrupt, people are unable to keep up the payments on their mortgages and lines at Soup Kitchens are getting longer? President Bush has definitely lost touch with reality. Maybe he's spending too much time on foreign affairs or maybe he just doesn't care about the welfare of the American people.

Doesn't Mr. Bush remember that he was a partner in the Reagan-Bush administration? That administration caused our country to be divided into the rich and the poor.

Just look at the number of scandals that have taken place in the last 12 years. The banking situation is bad and now the insurance companies are having problems. I think it is a crime for the chief executive officers to be getting such big salaries and bonuses while their companies are laying off people. How greedy and selfish can they be and not give any thought to the plight of the millions of men and women who have been laid off? And Bush doesn't seem to be too concerned about this because he is not spending much time trying to find things that could be done to help the economy and get these people back to work.

I love my country and want it to stay in good shape but the way things are going, I'm afraid it may be too late. We need leadership that cares about the people -- all of them, not just the rich.

Joseph T. Biden


County Districts

Editor: Looking at the flap over Baltimore County redistricting, it seems to me that many of the county's white citizens wish to isolate themselves from their black neighbors in an American-style apartheid.

This was indicated at a recent town meeting in Reisterstown to discuss the redistricting plan approved by the Baltimore County legislative delegation. Dozens of residents of the 10th District rose to condemn the plan, which divided the community of Reisterstown-Owings Mills-Glyndon (R-O-G) and attaches the largely black Liberty Road community to the 10th District.

Former Sen. Dan Brewster, a resident of the district, rose to deny eloquently and emotionally the charge that resistance to the plan was based on race. Maybe so, but I heard a different story in the words and tone of some other speakers.

One man claimed, ''I'm as liberal as they come, but we all moved out here for a reason!'' Oh? What reason is that? Another said that Woodlawn wouldn't share the ''socioeconomic and political interests'' with the rest of the district. What does that mean?

I think it means that too many white Baltimore County residents don't want to be associated with blacks, even if they are middle-class and homeowners, as many blacks are along Liberty Road. A far-too-prevalent attitude is that this area is ''the'' place set aside for blacks to live in the county.

But, this ghettoization of blacks in Baltimore County is already starting to crumble, and many are moving to the R-O-G communities. So, in ten years, when we go through this redistricting again, and R-O-G has a much larger minority population, I wonder what the arguments will be then.

Brett Savage.


Unfair Attacks

Editor: Haim Gordon, an Israeli currently serving as a visiting professor at Notre Dame University, recently had his fourth article published in the past year on the Opinion * Commentary page. I fear Mr. Gordon, who has chosen in his prose to rip at the fabric of Israel's political structure, represents a new-style ultra-left academician invading our shores. Israel-bashing at the university level grows in intensity.

What we are seeing is a virtual cult-factory of political ideologies often out of touch with reality. It is so reminiscent of the handful of fanatics in Germany who aided in popularizing fascism in the 1920s and 1930s. And, the small cells of university discontents in Russia, France, Italy and the United States with their obsessive love affair with the concepts of Marxism.

Gordon speaks passionately, albeit blindly, about ''Jews in the United States, in their blind support of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir's government.'' He accuses Jews of ignoring ''voices that speak about democracy and freedom, about respect for human rights and about a lasting peace in the Middle East.'' Shamir, elected under a democratic parliamentary system, clearly represents a majority opinion, while Gordon, skillfully manipulating the media, represents a fringe mentality harkening only to its own counsel, which it believes to be inspired.

This Rip Van Winkle of the left, who chooses to ignore the savagery of the Arabs while pointing, both in America and Israel, at Jewish indiscretions, has either missed the point completely or been sleeping soundly since 1948.

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