Chaump backed

November 21, 1991|By Jerry Bembry

He had been a successful football coach at every level before coming to the Navy, so it's no surprise that the administrators at the academy are completely behind coach George Chaump, despite the team's 0-9 start.

As he has said the entire season, Navy athletic director Jack Lengyel reiterated yesterday that the struggling football team is in good hands.

"I'm pleased with George Chaump as a football coach, as I've said all along," Lengyel said. "He has done a fine job under extenuating football circumstances. When he has an opportunity under a full four-year football structure, he will bring the Navy team back to its successful mode of the past.

"[Chaump's] position has never been a focus of any kind and I'm surprised anyone would feel that way," Lengyel added. "We feel the program is going in the right direction."

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