Myers Picked For Leaders Program

Severna Park Woman Travels To Milwaukee, St. Louis For Training

November 21, 1991|By DONALD G. VITEK

The Women's International Bowling Congress Future Leaders Selection Committee chose 82 WIBC members, including Rose Marie Myers, secretary of the Severna Park Women's Bowling Association, to participate in the second annual WIBC Future Leaders Program.

The program helps develop leadership skills in women's bowling association leaders who have fewer than five years of experience on their boards of directors.

Its guidelines allow two participants from each U.S. state and Canadian province.

The program was conducted in Milwaukee and St. Louis and will be scheduled every other year.

"The program was wonderful," Myers said. "There was a lot of work, but the WIBC also made sure that we had some fun, too."

Myers, of Pasadena, who has been bowling for about 25 years, bowls in leagues at Fair Lanes Southdale, Fair Lanes Ritchie and Crofton Bowling Centre. She averages 171 and has a high game of 277 with a high series of 651.

The Severna Park Women's Bowling Association has 4,000 members bowling in four centers. It takes a lot of dedication to serve an organization that large. It also takes training, and the WIBC is helping provide that.


Sooner or later, it had to happen. After 29 years of existence, the Youth League at Severna Park Lanes produced its first 200 game.

On Nov. 9, 1991, Kevin Butschsky, who turned 16 Aug. 8, threw a duckpin game of 201. That 201 was the cornerstone of his career-high 433 set and was 83 pins over his 118 average.

Butschsky, a junior at Broadneck High, lives in Pasadena with his parents, Pat and John. He workspart-time at the Blue Channel seafood restaurant in Arnold.

Somehow, he also manages to squeeze in golfing. And he does that pretty well, too. After three years, his handicap is 12.


Michael Davidson, 8, broke the Prep Division high series at Severna Park Lanes with games of 92, 127 and 111 for a 130 set. Michael's average is 99, and he holds the high single-game record with a 130 game.


Janice Williams of Pasadena is a bowler with a modest average who had a big day at Riviera Bowl.

Williams, a cook at Tall Oaks Restaurant, bowls in the Tuesday Morning Ladies League, where she carries a 101 average.

When she and her husband, Edward, moved to Pasadena from Baltimore about six years ago, she started bowling duckpins. That firstyear her average was 67, but over the years it has steadily climbed to its present 101.

This month, she got her big game.

In the first game of the league competition, Williams shot a 199 game, destroying her previous high game of 136. She tacked on games of 112 and 82 for a a career-high 393 series.

"Well, I knew I was throwing a lotof strikes," she said. "But I wasn't nervous until after the game was over and I noticed how quiet the center was and that everyone had gathered in back of the lanes that I was bowling on. Then I got nervous."

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Greenway Glen Burnie

Carr-Lowrey Mixed

Don Conrad 156/415

Bud Glaser 137/346

Frank Williams 150/413

Shirley Quaskey 179/348

John Clark Jr. 140/403

Kathy Leonard 125/357

Tom Sparenberg 158/384

Jim Clevinger 134/379

Michele Scheper 127/355

Janice Sparenberg 124/344

Monday Morning Ladies

Shirley Robinson 142/378

Charley Fritts 121/358

Cathy Lynch 147/351

Dottie Rich 356 set

Elaine Johannson 349 set

Wednesday Carefree Ladies

Shirley Robinson 157/409

Evelyn Dombroski 124/351

Janet Osborne 116/334

Joyce Scheibe 138/334

Pin & Ball Wizards

Jim Fream 172/451

Dudley Bradburn 149/419

Lane Schuster 139/395

Larry Meyer 148/425

Kathy Shafer 172/421

Jim Johnson 137/384

Hits & Misses

Carol Schuster 146/369

Helen Carder 135/355

Janice Povloski 123 game


Peggy Quinlan 151/391

Pat Trabert 134/380

Rich Keen 381 set

Joe Trabert 131/376

Jay Roeder 136/375

Monday Morning Ladies

Joyce Scheibe 123/366

Carol Schuster 134//354

Edna Kraft 144/356

Jo Reichert 130/351

Beverly Norris 129/355

Charley Fritts 132/350

Wednesday Morning Ladies

Kathy Leonard 156/390

Nellie Bentz 131/374

Carol Miller 138/359

Carr-Lowrey Glass

Dick Fitzgerald 167/423

John Clark Jr. 134/385

Marion Dillworth 146/367

Kathy Leonard 162/399

Shirley Quaskey 131/377

Janice Sparenberg 130/345

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