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November 21, 1991

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development has released some $68 million for mortgage financing.

Eligible Maryland residents, including those in Anne Arundel County, are encouraged to take advantage of this special funding.

The money becomes available Nov. 25, from the Maryland Mortgage Program. It can be used to finance newly constructed or existing single-family homes, including town houses, detached or semi-detached homes and condominiums.

Under the program, the maximum purchase price is $85,000 for a newly constructed home and $80,000 for an existing home. This amount differs for certain areas.

Terms of the loan, which is payable over 30 years, are 7.25 percent interest for householdswith annual incomes no higher than $28,200 and 8.25 percent for eligible households with incomes above $28,200, up to the program limits.

Income limits are $32,000 for an individual and $40,000 for a family of two or more.

Information: (410) 514-7514.


The Maryland Department of Transportation's Motor Vehicle Administration is starting two new procedures.

First, the MVA is returning hole-punched, invalidated out-of-state drivers' licenses to applicants when they apply for and get first-time Maryland driver's licenses. This applies to all renewal applicants as well as to new residents.

Issuing states will continue to be notified of drivers who turn in their licenses for a Maryland license.

This change is in response to disposal concerns and applicants' request for old licenses.

Second, starting in January, the MVA will phase in drivers' licenses that are renewable every five years. This change is based on legislation passed earlier this year, authorizing several MVA fee changes. The five-year renewal license fee is $20.

Other fees include non-commercial learner-instructional permits at $30 and an under-21 renewal fee at $5.

Drivers moving into Maryland during the next several years get a Maryland license that expires in 1996. The fee for this license will be $6 during the phase-in period.

Commercial drivers license renewal conversions increase to $40 starting Jan. 1, 1992. All bus and truck drivers are required by federal law to have a converted license by April 1. Those who still need the new license should act now to take advantage of the lower rates until January 1 and avoid thedeadline rush.

Information: 768-7387 or 768-7232.


A candlelight walk and vigil will take place in Annapolis Dec. 1 to commemorate World AIDS Day. Those who wish to take part are invited to meet at 6 p.m. that day, at the Annapolis City Dock.

Information: 269-8064 or 647-4275.

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