Minority enrollments are rising Baltimore County notes increases concentrated in northwestern suburbs.

November 21, 1991|By Larry Carson | Larry Carson,Evening Sun Staff

Baltimore County's annual report on minority enrollments in county schools shows the concentration of black students along the Liberty Road corridor and in Woodlawn continues.

Total black enrollment in the system is up from 18.4 percent of the total in 1990 to 19.2 percent this year. The total proportion of all minorities in the school system rose from 22.5 percent of the total in 1990 to 23.4 percent this year. There are 90,132 students in the county system, broken down as 69,077 whites, 17,368 blacks, 2,761 Asians, 788 Hispanics and 138 American Indians. The total number of minority students is 21,055.

Eighteen county schools in the Liberty Road corridor in the northwestern area of the school system have a majority of blacks, plus Woodlawn in the southwestern area. Only one school in the rest of the county -- Hillendale Elementary near Towson -- has a black population of more than 41 percent. Hillendale has about 85 percent black enrollment plus a few other minorities.

The report, released last week and produced by school officials for federal and state governments to document the racial makeup of county schools, shows a gain of 1,305 black students in the system since last year, compared with a gain of 1,716 whites. There are 172 more Asians, 27 more American Indians and 44 more Hispanic students.

The figures are considered important because they show that growing black enrollment in county schools is concentrated in one area.

One-year changes at several Randallstown area schools show that the racial changes under way there as documented in the 1990 census still are occurring.

For example, Old Court Middle School has changed from 62 percent black in 1990 to 70 percent black in 1991. Old Court has 60 other minority students. In 1991, there are 44 more black students and 78 fewer whites than last year.

Randallstown High School is another example, with 1990 figures showing a 48 percent black population, compared with 54 percent this year. Randallstown has 57 other minority students -- mostly Asians.

There are 76 more black students at Randallstown this year, and 84 fewer whites. If changes of those proportions occur each of the next few years, those schools could soon approach the 89 percent minority population at Milford Mill High School farther south, between Reisterstown and Liberty roads. Milford Mill has the highest minority population of any county secondary school.

The majority black elementary schools are:

Chadwick, Featherbed Lane, Hebbville, Johnnycake, Powhatan, Winfield, Woodmoor, Bedford, Church Lane, Deer Park, Hernwood, Scotts Branch and Hillendale. Winand Elementary in Randallstown is near the 50 percent mark, with 226 black students this year, 25 Asian-Americans, 10 Hispanics and 257 whites. Winand this year has 34 more blacks and nine fewer whites.

The majority black secondary schools are:

Johnnycake Middle, Woodlawn Middle, Woodlawn High, Old Court Middle, Milford Mill High and Randallstown High. Deer Park Middle, a feeder school for Randallstown High, is near the 50 percent mark, with 417 blacks this year, 29 other minority students and 451 whites.

Three county schools have no black students: Battle Grove and Essex in the eastern county and Prettyboy in the Middletown Road area.

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