Congress has probed 29 members

November 21, 1991|By Washington Bureau of The Sun

WASHINGTON -- Since 1985, ethics committees have investigated 20 members of the House of Representatives and nine senators. Of these, two House members received reprimands, and one senator was denounced.

Sen. Dave Durenburger, R-Minn., was denounced by the Senate on the recommendation of the ethics committee after being accused of financial misconduct in connection with a book deal and Senate reimbursement received for rent he paid on a condominium.

Representative Austin J. Murphy, D-Pa., was reprimanded in 1987 for diverting government resources, allowing another member to vote for him and keeping a "no-show" employee on his payroll. Last year, Representative Barney Frank, D-Mass., was reprimanded for improperly using his office to help a male prostitute.

Former House Speaker Jim Wright, D-Texas, resigned after an investigation of his financial dealings, and New York Democrats Mario Biaggi and Robert Garcia resigned from the House after being convicted in the Wedtech scandal.

Facing near-certain expulsion from the House, Biaggi resigned in 1988 the day after he was convicted on racketeering charges. Mr. Garcia resigned in 1989, 12 days before he was sentenced to three years in prison for extortion. His conviction was later overturned.

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