New Kids dress upThey might not be the newest kids on the...

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November 21, 1991|By Chicago TribuneEdited by Catherine Cook

New Kids dress up

They might not be the newest kids on the block anymore, but Donnie, Jonathan, Danny, Joe and Jordan still drive fans crazy with their pop sound, slick moves and wholesome-yet-heartthrob looks.

And for their looks, the New Kids on the Block can thank Patrick Petty, their 25-year-old clothing stylist. Not costumer, not designer, but stylist -- the guy who puts together clothes to suit each of the Kids' own personal styles.

"They know they're not taking a chance with me," says Mr. Petty, who also dresses Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, the hot new group led by New Kid Donnie Wahlberg's younger brother, and the R&B act Tony Toni Tone. "They know I'm going to make them look good on stage."

"Marky Mark, he works out a lot, so he might wear a jacket and jeans with his Adidas sneakers, but no shirt. Then, he'll come out of the jacket and the girls go crazy."

Mr. Petty shops mostly in London. "I have to stay one step ahead so I can't go three months without a trip to London. All the other stylists shop in New York or Los Angeles. That's why other groups all look the same." *The dream of having a quaint Victorian setting for her bridal gowns rather than a uniform space in a shopping mall, helped keep Mary Gamberdella inspired through the long summer months spent gutting and renovating an old Towson house.

She finally made the move this fall and Gamberdella's Bridal & Formal Wear is now open at 30 W. Pennsylvania Ave., complete with tin ceiling, crown moldings, center staircase and a big pink awning outside.

In its new location, the stock has been expanded to include rentals for the groom and his party as well -- 100 percent wool tuxedos by Christian Dior.

*Ron and Linda Scherr of the women's specialty store Rococo have also pulled up roots. They've moved further up Reisterstown Road and yesterday opened a new expanded store at the Festival at Woodholme.

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