Sportsline Rings With Q's & A's


November 20, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

All right, sports fans, it's time once again for a hot session of "questions without answers."

A lot of you take advantage of calling my 24-hour Sportsline, 647-2499, and feeding me a lot of great questions and information, and I appreciate it.

You guys also get me in trouble (with coaches, schools and organizations who don't like to hear the truth) with some of your sarcasticremarks and agitating "Q's," but we make people think.

* Let's start with a high school pigskin review.

First, do you realize the three county playoff teams -- North County and Old Mill in Class 4A and South River in 3A -- were outscored last weekend, 94-10? Can you believe that?

Is it because they really don't pass as well in this county and maybe don't work on it enough, with the exception of North County with its run-and-shoot?

The three teams that manhandled thecounty teams were 32-for-41 (78 percent) for 518 yards, six touchdowns and only two interceptions, compared with our guys going 15-for-44(34 percent) for 182 yards, no touchdowns, and -- catch this -- eight interceptions.

To refresh your memory, in Class 4A, Oxon Hill destroyed North County, 39-0, and Largo downed Old Mill, 14-3. Both opponents were from Prince George's County. South River was humbled by Seneca Valley of Montgomery County, 41-7.

The dominance was not as pronounced in the rushing category, where the outsiders had a combined 451 yards with six touchdowns to 226 with one touchdown for Anne Arundel.

Chuck Markiewicz of North County (8-3, making the playoffs in the school's second year of existence) was the only one of the three head coaches to call the 24-Hour Sportsline after being hammered.

"I've been calling you all year when we won, and I figured I gottacall you when we lose," Markiewicz said Saturday night.

"We lost today, as you probably already know, 39-0, to Oxon Hill. The dark side of the run-and-shoot served us, and we didn't play too well, but we're proud of the season we had, and it's time to go get 'em in wrestling." Markiewicz is also the Knights' mat coach.

Markiewicz started a summer passing league this year, so isn't it just a matter of time before Anne Arundel County catches up with Prince George's and Montgomery counties in the aerial game?

Or is the real problem that those two counties simply have better athletes?

I don't think so. I think we have a lot of stubborn coaches who don't want to throw unless they have to. As long as they have that attitude, we can forget state championships in football.

Keith Smith, veteran track and fieldofficial and county science teacher of Millersville, called in this "Q," and I think he makes a very good point.

"Don't coaches like Chuck Markiewicz, Dave Rigot (Glen Burnie) and Andy Borland (Severna Park) make complete fools of themselves year in and year out when theysay that the 4A league of Anne Arundel County plays the best football in the state of Maryland?" asked Smith. "If they can't put up in the state playoffs, shouldn't they shut up until they can?"

* In last week's "Q's and A's," I asked if you thought Old Mill athletic director Jim Dillon and Rick Wiles, a physical education resource teacher, would make a great pair as coordinators of physical education.

Former Chesapeake High baseball coach and longtime county teacher DaveWarner, who is an assistant baseball coach at UMBC, called with thisresponse: "I think Dillon and Wiles are both outstanding men, but the reason (retired county coordinators) Paul Rusko and Jean Boyd were so effective is because there was both a man's and woman's point of view on things.

"With dance as big as it is now in the county, we need a woman's viewpoint. Women's sports are bigger than ever."

* Isn't it great to hear that former Glen Burnie star volleyball player Stacey Gilligan, who is gearing up with the Duquesne University squadfor the conference tournament this weekend at George Washington University, has been named to the Atlantic 10 All Freshman Team?

* TomConroy, president of the Waves Amateur Athletic Union Girls Basketball Association, faxed me some interesting information in response to last week's "Sidelines" on Broadneck's Jen Chapman, who received a hoop scholarship to the University of Vermont.

Those former Waves before Chapman who received full scholarships are: Missy Quille (Annapolis) to UMBC and Dawn Domzalski (Andover) to Towson State in 1989; Karen Parker (Severna Park) to Virginia Commonwealth, Stacie Conroy (Tom's daughter) and Brooke Smith (Broadneck) to Fairleigh Dickinson andSUNY-Buffalo, respectively, in 1990; Laura Coakley (St. Mary's) to Wake Forest and Andrea Macey (Broadneck) to Marist College in 1991. Partials went to Jeannine Metrinko (Spalding) in 1989 and Amy Ordakowski (Chesapeake) in 1990, both to C.W. Post in New York.

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