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November 20, 1991

From: Sen. Philip C. Jimeno

Delegates Joan Cadden, W. Ray Huff and Charles Koloziejski, District 31 representatives.

The representatives of District 31 would like to take this opportunity to thank our constituents who attended and participated in our open forum Nov. 11 at Chesapeake Senior High School. In these difficult times, we feel it is very important to solicit input from the public sector about sensitive issues that impact all of us.

We found the forum to be very rewarding, and the dialogue generated valuable information that will be beneficial to us in our legislative endeavors.

It is anticipated that we will have the same enthusiastic attendance at our next forum at Glen Burnie High School at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 25. Those who came to the Nov. 11 meeting will certainly be welcome to attend, and they are encouraged to invite their friends and neighborsto join them.


From: Ellis Stearns


Chesapeake Art Guild

We are and have been students in the Adult Continuing Education Programs offered by the Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

In fact, our Art Guild formed as a result of the close bonds that developed among art students and their in the program.

Our belief in the importance of lifelong learning is shared withothers who wish to earn their high school diploma through programs offered by Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

We are extremely distressed by the way decisions are being made about the county's educational budget. Programs are in danger of being reduced or eliminated without taxpayer input.

As individuals who are lifelong learners, we are very aware of the importance of a high school diploma and continuing education. As taxpayers, we are entitled to the benefits of theeducational system we are supporting. Our tax dollars are paying forschool that may no longer be available to us in the evenings.

We urge our political leaders not to make any cuts to the adult education program. offered by the Anne Arundel County Public School System. The decisions you make amid the budgetary crisis will have far-reaching consequences for many adults. There are more than 5,000 participants this year alone in programs provided only through the Board of Education's adult education program.

As citizens, we have every right to expect decision making that is based on the needs of the taxpayers. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


From: Hazel B. Sanner


I was the first vice president of the Greater Odenton Improvement Association. We were highly respected in our county. The purpose of this letter is to advise every Civic Association in Anne Arundel County to be aware!

On Wednesday, Nov. 13, our association held its annual election of officers.Tuesday, Nov. 12, some of us were advised that a certain faction of people who are associated with The Halle Cos. had put out fliers withtheir own slate, and they were coming to our meeting.

And so theydid! We had never seen most of them in our lives. They out-voted ourmembers and took over our organization.

Warren Halle is building Seven Oaks, a development in the Odenton area. His group brought in nearly 100 people. Only 25 residents of Seven Oaks voted.

However, the rest of those who arrived came from Sharpsburg, Bethesda, Germantown, Silver Spring, Burtonsville, College Park and other distant areas. Obviously, these people were associated in some way with Warren Halle.

The mistake that our association made is that we were too honorable to ever think that something of this magnitude could happen tous. We should have protected ourselves with an amendment to our constitution or bylaws disallowing new memberships on election night.

I have been active in our association for 30 years, and I am devastated by this turn of events.

So, please, all associations take my advice and think seriously about preserving your organization by takingpositive steps to prevent being taken over by unsuspected groups of greedy people.


From: Kenneth E. Linton

Glen Burnie

On March 22, my then-2 1/2-year-old daughter, Carol, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a fast-growing cancer. Without health insurance and forced to quit our jobs to get Carol the treatments she needed, we had little hope of ever meeting the financial burden this put on our already tight budget.

The Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department came to our rescue and soon had fund-raisers going and established a fund for Carol's medical bills that were soaring skyward at alarming rates.

Soon, the news media got wind of our predicament, andCarol's story showed up in the papers and on television, and cards, letters, and donations came pouring in from all over!

It was very satisfying to know people of this world still cared for a very sick child, and opened their hearts and wallets to her.

The purpose of this letter today is to let you all know how much we appreciated it, and that all the prayers and support really helped. Today, Carol is 3;has undergone months of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, a bone marrow transplant and thousands of tests and transfusions. She has responded well to treatment, and it is hoped that she has beaten her cancer. Time alone will tell. us that now.

So to all who have prayed for Carol, sent us donations and cards or letters, and a very special thank you to the members of the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department.

God bless you all for helping to save my daughter.

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