Man Matches Five

November 20, 1991

ELDERSBURG — John Hutchinson said luck will help him beat the recession.

Luck and the $50,000 he won in Maryland's Match 5 lottery Sunday.

A self-employed florist, Hutchinson, 54, said he plays the game about three times a week. After buying a ticket at the Corner Package Goods Store here, he placed it under a magnet on the refrigerator.

"I am a real football fan," he said. "I didn't even watch the drawing on television Sunday."

Linda Hutchinson read the winning numbersfrom Monday's newspaper to her husband at breakfast.

"I couldn't believe the numbers were the same," he said. "You never think it willhappen to you."

One other player matched 6, 11, 16, 18 and 37 forthe same money, he said.

Hutchinson said he plans to put the money in the bank and see how the holiday season goes.

"With the recession, our industry is going through some hard times," he said. "This will really help us get through it."

The unexpected win also will make their daughter's spring wedding a little more elaborate.

"We can supply flowers," he said. "Brides need more than that."

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