Education Week Plans

November 20, 1991

Westminster High School is celebrating American Education Week, Nov.18-22, with the theme, "School and Communities: Partners for a Strong America."

"Activities planned are to promote communication with the outside community, as well as recognize the work of both teachersand students," said Ann Dell, committee chairwoman.

Students who excel in a subject will be recognized through a morning announcement and a pin they will wear for that day.

Apples were distributed to all faculty members in appreciation for their hard work throughout the year.

Today is parents' visitation day, when parents are encouraged to visit their children's classes. Parents are asked to register at the main office when they arrive.

Friday is Student-Teacher Cadet Day, when students will be teaching part of the lesson.

The American Education Week Committee includes Dell, Timothy Whitney, Spanish teacher; George Harmon, science teacher; Andrea Myers, sophomore; Todd Dickensheets, junior; and Lucretia Carter, senior.

"If taxpayers see the importance of education, then they will be more inclined to write to legislators about budget cuts concerning various programs," Dell said.

In other WHS news:

* The sophomore class of 1994 decorated the school halls for the competition between all four classes during Homecoming Week for school spirit activities.

* Jack Chalker, a local science fiction writer, recently spoke to the Strategic Gaming Club on writing science fiction and being a professional author.

Many club members read science fiction, and some of their classes are based on these books. The club meets after school Wednesdays with adviser John Flater.

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