Outdoors man designs clothes for the elements

November 20, 1991|By Taili Song | Taili Song,Dallas Morning News

DALLAS Chances are you wouldn't find designer Robert Comstock on the papparazzi page air-kissing a socialite at a model's birthday party.

You'd have better luck finding him white-water canoeing down the Amazon, skiing across Greenland's polar icecap, or tagging endangered falcons in South America. Robert Comstock lives and works from his 150-acre ranch in Boise, Idaho. He says, "I never planned on becoming a fashion designer. I don't even believe in fashion statements."

What Comstock does believe in is the great outdoors, its exploration, and its preservation. Designing clothes for this lifestyle, therefore, has been a platform for his interests and inspirations. "In my life, avocation and vocation are one," he explains.

Comstock uses high-grade natural materials such as shearling, suede, baby alpaca and cashmere to reflect the authenticity of nature. He directs proceeds of his sales to Native American artisans and the World Center for the Birds of Prey. He even uses his outdoor activities to test his rugged wear against the elements.

Robert Comstock has been creating menswear for 16 years now and just produced his second women's collection. His latest designs, exhibiting Native American and Southwestern influences, were shown at a Neiman Marcus store in Dallas.

In the women's fall collection, straight-leg jeans with denim shirts or narrow stirrup pants with cashmere or mohair sweaters were base items worn under outerwear jackets of leather, shearling, French lamb, and split deer.

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