Model name game is a spelling bee

November 20, 1991|By N.Y. Times News Service

From the current IMG model's book: Ali, Annabel, Benji, Carmen, Carrie, Cha Cha, Chanin, Chrystelle, Crystal, Daisy, Debbie, Dina, Elza, Erickka, Gabrielle, Heather and Itatiaia. (These are for real.)

Jodi, Josefina, Keeli, La Roe, Le Anne, Lora, Nadya, Nicole, Nicole (both of them), Paige, Rhona, Sherry B, Sherrye, Tanya, Tara, Tonya and Tonya. (Tonya, Tonya, bo-bonya, banana-fana fo-fonya, etc.)

Whatever happened to names like Jean Shrimpton and Suzy Parker?

. ROEHM RETURNING? Carolyne Roehm, flanked by dressmaker's dummies and two moving vans, was spotted outside her new studio on New York's East 65th Street last week.

The designer's second-floor studio is just four doors down from Le Cirque, where the well-dressed ladies come and go. It doesn't take tremendous imagination to figure out what she's up to, and it sure isn't painting the Sistine Chapel.

Roehm, who recently closed her Seventh Avenue ready-to-wear business, has been thinking in terms of the more refined world of custom-order clothes.

"I got my first order at lunch," Roehm said.

NATURE FRIENDLY CLOTHES: The environmental spin in fashion gathers momentum.

Eddie Bauer, the rough, tough outfitter of wilderness types and yupster catalog addicts, is opening a store with an environmental pitch. Six individual "heroes for the earth" are being honored and given $10,000 as part of the celebration for the new Eddie Bauer shop at 600 Madison Avenue (58th Street). Private cocktail reception for the honorees on Thursday; Gore-Tex and down-filled bootees for the public on Friday.

Esprit recently introduced its Ecollection, a group of clothes manufactured with natural, unpolluting dyes and processes.

Levi Strauss, which has undermined public taste to an incalculable degree with its "Button Your Fly" advertising

campaign (inspiring the ubiquitous "Unbutton Your Fly" counterfeit T-shirts), has set out on a course of redemption.

The company, the nation's largest clothing manufacturer ($4.2 billion in sales in 1990), is introducing the first jeans made from naturally colored cotton.

A researcher working with the America Cotton Growers Co-op of West Texas was able to grow green and brown cotton. Undyed jeans made from the new cotton, called Levi's Naturals, get more vivid after washing, unlike regular dyed denims. They will be in stores for Christmas, priced about $60.

COCA-COLA TO WEAR: In hard times, nostalgia may be the only thing that sells. The Coca-Cola Co. is opening a shop in the ground floor of its corporate offices at 711 Fifth Avenue (55th Street). It will sell clothing and souvenirs, like an eight-ounce bottle for four quarters (no deposit, no return).

"For Far Eastern and European tourists, it's a drawing card," said Alan Millstein, a retail consultant. "It's the best-known name in the world other than Mickey Mouse."

But Millstein added, "Most jaded New Yorkers couldn't care less." A licensed Coca-Cola clothing shop on Columbus Avenue quickly went flat three years ago.

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