Two movie musicals are planned

November 20, 1991|By Knight-Ridder

Anyone who proposes a film musical is undoubtedly aware of that costly 1982 flop "Annie," a textbook example of everything that can go wrong with such a project. Nonetheless, the producers of two forthcoming musicals believe that the sun will come out tomorrow and shine on their ventures.

The producers of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" are planning "The Revenge of the Old Queen." It's not precisely a sequel to "RHPS," whose fans like to dress as their favorite characters and recite dialogue as the film runs.

Instead, say Michael White and Lou Adler, it will be "a musical comedy loosely based on some of the ["RHPS"] characters and using some brand-new characters."

Moving up the musical scale, we find Columbia Pictures and Jim Henson Productions planning to collaborate on a screen version of Stephen Sondheim's sophisticated fairy tale "Into the Woods." The musical, which combines familiar fairy tale characters like Cinderella and Red Riding Hood with new creations, won two Tony Awards in 1988.

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