New Section For Crofton News

November 19, 1991

Beginning next Tuesday, Crofton residents will have a space in The Anne Arundel County Sun to call their own.

The Neighbors section, devoted to community events and people, will expand to include Crofton.

Sue Haller, a Crofton resident for seven years, has been named Crofton correspondent.

Haller is the registrar and record keeper forthe Crofton Athletic Council and treasurer for the Crofton Meadows Elementary PTA.

Before moving to The Anne Arundel County Sun, Haller was a columnist for the Crofton Crier for two years.

Haller's husband, Dave, is also active in the Crofton Athletic Council. They have two children, Kevin, 11, and Kassandra, 6 1/2.

Please send your community news to Sue Haller at 2017 Cambridge Drive., Crofton 21114,or call her at 721-4734 or 261-0196.

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