Milli Vanilli suit settled for $100,000

November 18, 1991|By McClatchy News Service

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The Yolo County District Attorney's Office settled a suit last week for $100,000 with the recording companies of the now infamous, lip-syncing pop-duo Milli Vanilli for unfair competition and false advertising.

And it plans to use the cash to help reduce the county budget deficit.

It was the first suit of its kind filed in California against those involved since it was revealed a year ago that Milli Vanilli did nothing more than dance in videos, lip-sync and pose for pictures for the platinum recording "Girl You Know It's True." The pair returned a 1990 Best New Artist Grammy after the disclosure.

ark J. Jones, supervising deputy district attorney, brought the suit against Arista Records and Bertelsmann Music Group, Milli Vanilli duo Robert Pilatus and Fab Morvan, and their producer Frank Farian.

Arista Records and Bertelsmann Music Group had been negotiating with the district attorney's office and settled the suit Wednesday, the same day it was filed.

Mr. Pilatus, Mr. Morvan and Mr. Farian have not responded to the action. The record companies were not available for comment.

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