Experience vaults teen into Black-Eyed finals

November 17, 1991|By Jeff Fletcher

In gymnastics circles, Kristie Snyder is almost ancient. She's 17.

She might not be able to fly around the bars quite as quickly as a 75-pound 10-year-old, but that didn't matter this weekend at the Black-Eyed Susan Invitational.

Snyder, who won the overall title in the seniors division on Friday night, was the only gymnast to qualify for the finals in all four events last night at the Towson Center.

She won on the uneven bars with a 9.55, finished fourth on the vault (9.50), fourth on the beam (9.40) and sixth on the floor (9.00).

Snyder, a member of the Hill's Angels, said she has the benefit of experience.

"If I do something wrong, I know how to recover," said Snyder, who will attend the University of Oregon on a gymnastics scholarship next year.

Hill's Angels coach Kelli Hill said, "She's not in peak situation for international competition, but she is going to be a good college gymnast."

Snyder's teammate Wendy Wheaton, 11, also made her mark at the event, which included teams from nine middle Atlantic states. Wheaton was the overall junior champion and qualified in three of the four events last night, winning the beam (9.50) and finishing in the top three in the bars (second, 9.50) and the vault (third, 9.55).

Paula West, of Gym Starz, won both the vault (9.70) and the floor (9.70) last night.

Miriam Pourshoushtari, of Hill's Angels, finished in the top five in the floor (fourth, 9.20), the beam (third, 9.40) and the bars (fourth, 9.45).

Local favorite Carolyn Hecht, 13, who is a member of the host team, Rebounders, also qualified in three events.

The compulsory events in level 5 will start at 9:30 this morning at the Towson Center. Levels 6 and 7 will compete at 1:15 p.m.


Vault--1. Paula West, Gym Starz, 9.70; 2. Gemma Robinson, Docksiders, 9.60; 3. Wendy Wheaton, Hill's Angels, 9.55; 4. Kristie Snyder, Hill's Angels, 9.50; 5. Erika Flamer, Gym Beez, 9.50.

Uneven bars--1. Kristie Snyder, Hill's Angels, 9.55; 2. Wendy Wheaton, Hill's Angels, 9.50; 3. Miriam Pourshoushtari, Hill's Angels, 9.45; 4. Kelly Duffy, Docksiders, 9.40; 5. Carolyn Hecht, Rebounders, 9.35.

Balance beam--1. Wendy Wheaton, Hill's Angels, 9.50; 2. Elizabeth Tily, Main Line Gymnastics, 9.45; 3. Miriam Pourshoushtari, Hill's Angels, 9.40; 4. Kristie Snyder, Hill's Angels, 9.40; 5. Genna Batchelder, Hill's Angels.

Floor--1. Paula West, Gym Starz, 9.70; 2. Jessica Maklan, Hill's Angels, 9.50; 3. Megan Vernon, Docksiders, 9.30; 4. Miriam Pourshoushtari, Hill's Angels, 9.20; 5. Elizabeth Tily, Main Line Gymnastics, 9.20.


Team scores--1. Hill's Angels 149.85, 2. Rebounders 145.05, 3. Docksiders 144.45.

Seniors--1. Kristie Snyder, Hill's Angels, 38; 2. Kelly Duffy, Docksiders, 37.05; 3. Paula West, Gym Starz, 36.9; 4. Megan Vernon, Docksiders, 36.55; 5. Megan Ochs, Bridgettes, 36.55.

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