An equaal-opportunity huggerAfter the Patriots signed QB...

Fumbles and follies

November 17, 1991|By Vito Stellino

An equaal-opportunity hugger

After the Patriots signed QB Hugh Millen as a Plan B player, his fiancee, Lisa Coles, was hired as the team's cheerleader coordinator. When the Patriots beat the Vikings in overtime last week, coach Dick MacPherson gave her a hug and explained last week: "You think I don't know how to win? I'll get a hug in with her any time I can. Oh, boy, isn't she something? We didn't know if we wanted [Millen] on Plan B, but when we saw her, we thought we'd bring him along, so she could come. She looks like a movie star, doesn't she?"

K? Can you imagine Tom Landry ever saying something like that?

Does he know the Colts are 1-9?

Because the Colts got their first victory of the season last

week, by a point over the Jets, Bears LB Mike Singletary insists he's taking Indianapolis seriously.

"We are in a vulnerable position. This game is a check of our character," Singletary said.

Living with Mike

QB Jim Harbaugh of the Bears, explaining how the players cope with coach Mike Ditka's controversial comments, said, "He's not like Lou Holtz, who comes out and says, 'We have no chance of winning.' Holtz goes with that every week. Coach Ditka kind of changes things up a little. Sometimes you wonder about the things he is saying because he is not the one who has to go out and hit anybody and take the hits. But he is our coach and we love him. Whatever he says, we will try to back it up."

AJ" Getting ready for Barry

The Rams got the idea of having their defensive linemen chase a chicken to prepare for the quickness of Lions RB Barry Sanders.

"[Defensive-line coach] John Teerlinck was talking about trying to simulate the quickness and the agility of Barry Sanders, then he recalled back when 'Rocky' came out. He remembered that they had Rocky chase the chicken around," defensive coordinator Jeff Fisher said. "We thought it would be a good idea to get a chicken. Problem with the chicken was, it was a laid-back California chicken, because when it got out of the box, it just stood there."

) This is a joke, isn't it?

They're not football widows

According to a 1989 study done for the NFL by the Simmons Market Research Bureau, women account for 41 percent of the NFL's television audience and 37 percent of the people who watch games "frequently or almost always" are women, up from 33 percent in 1980.

Wally Who?

During a discussion last week of the quick recovery of Earnest Byner and other players from injuries, Redskins coach Joe Gibbs was asked whether he thought it was part of the Wally Pipp syndrome.

Gibbs paused and said, "What syndrome is that? Bring me up to date."

When it was explained to him that Lou Gehrig of the Yankees replaced Pipp and kept the job for 2,130 games, Gibbs laughed and said: "I didn't know that. That's how narrow-minded I am."

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