Tribute To Linda Jarvis

Readers write

November 17, 1991

From: Gil South

Ellicott City

When I saw your headline concerning Linda Jarvis, my heart broke (Howard County Sun, Obituaries, "Linda Jarvis, Sun ad sales, 48" Nov.10). I just could not believe she had died. What a wonderful lady! Idid not know she had cancer, especially for eight years.

Her smile, demeanor and attitude indicated to all who knew her that she was asweet, caring and honest person.

Your paper has truly lost a wonderful employee. Your clients have lost a trustworthy friend.


From: William Hilton


Outrageous! I have seenwith my own eyes an amendment that District 5 Councilman Charles Feaga planned to introduce to the Howard County Redistricting Plan that would have gerrymandered his own constituency in historic Highland into the voting District 4.

It was so transparent and obvious that Councilman Feaga tried to make an amendment that would remove Highlandresidents and political rivals John Taylor and Susan Scheidt from his district, perceptive Council Chairman C. Vernon Gray remarked, "If we'd put John Taylor in the 4th District, this whole problem would have been solved."

It is perturbing to imagine that a councilman would gerrymander his own constituency to rid himself of political rivals -- that is opportunistic and cowardly.

As a registered District 5 voter, taxpayer and resident of Highland, I am dismayed by Feaga's actions and "dirty tricks" style of politics, which is seemingly sanctioned by the nucleus of Howard County's Republican Party.

I imagine Feaga's clandestine "damage control specialists" will be dredging up some lame excuse for his inexcusable actions, but I find this stunt deplorable at best.


From: Nia Gantt


I am writing to correct an article written Oct. 20. The article I am referring to is "Wake Up, Harper's Choice" (by Megan McNeill, Howard County Sun). The article tells how eighth-graders at Harper's Choice started a news program at their school.

Last year, I was an eighth-grader at Harper's Choice. Four other students and I actually started Harper's Choice Television. It was we who planned the ideas, received the funds and worked very hard to make HCTV.

We alsoreceived the equipment and trained the staff to work for the station. The recent article states that it was the current eighth-graders who funded and brought about the production. In fact, it was our brainchild and our hard work that made HCTV work. It took us months to perfect and practice to make HCTV the best it could be. None of the time spent or work done was mentioned in the article.

Last year, we at HCTV received a lot of recognition and publicity for what we started.I hope that this year's HCTV crew can achieve recognition for their efforts. But, for now, I'd like to set the record straight. I would appreciate you publishing my letter so your readers can get the true facts.

(Nia Gantt is a freshman at Wilde Lake High School.)

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