Support The Schools

Readers write

November 17, 1991

From: Vicki Dowling

Bel Air

Nov. 17-23 is American Education Week, and across America citizens will be visiting the classrooms of our future leaders.

Harford County is dedicated to promoting excellence in education, yet, with the controversy over educational funding, are we really aware of what has been provided by state and federal funds as compared to what is provided by local businesses, PTA and teacher funding.

Do schools inHarford County provide the students with updated texts and materials?

Are there enough supplies in the science labs for every child tobenefit from the experiments?

Let's not shortchange our schools, teachers, children and future. The benefits accruing to today's students will last far beyond the formal school years.

The contributions of well-educated citizens will be advantageous to all of society. Remember to support our schools and to thank our teachers.

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