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November 17, 1991

Name: Ralph G. Buckman

Honored by The Carroll County Sun for: Being named a Melvin Jones Fellow by the Lions Clubs International Foundation for 38 years of service to the Mount Airy Lions Club

Age: 79

Residence; hometown: Mount Airy

Education: Graduateof Mount Airy High School

Family: Wife: Pauline, married 54 years, retired from the Board of Education as a food service worker; son: R. Gilbert, 51, of Mount Airy; grandchildren: Todd, at home, and Tracy Dunne of Ellicott City, Howard County

Place of worship: ProspectUnited Methodist Church, Mount Airy

Activities/hobbies: Retired in 1974 from Routzahn's Department Store of Frederick as a sales clerk; active Lions Club member, past president, current chairman of the Health and Welfare Committee in charge of lending out medical equipment; active in church choir and other church committees; helps out at the New Windsor Service Center through church; enjoys gardening and yard work

Accomplishments: Named Lions Club Man of the Year for 1978-1979; has earned committee awards and other recognition from the Mount Airy Lions Club over the years

Recipient's comments: "I didn't know anything about the award. I had no idea I was getting it. The president fixed it up, and the next thing I know I'm a Melvin Jones Fellow. The club donates so much to the Lions Club International and they use it to help people in disasters and such. I figured I was just doing what I was doing and that's trying to help people. If somebody needs something, we try to get it for them. I figured Man of the Year in 1978 was it, then this came along."

Nominations: Call 876-8771,857-0550 or (800) 829-8000 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mondays; you also can FAX your information to 876-0233.

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