From The Sun Nov. 17-23, 1841NOV. 19: Signs of...


November 17, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Nov. 17-23, 1841

NOV. 19: Signs of Thanksgiving -- A drove of several hundred fine turkies have arrived at the Black Horse tavern on the Pennsylvania Avenue, from Carroll County, Md.

NOV. 22: We acknowledge our indebtedness to the N.Y. Sun and Tribune for extras containing the foreign news. From them and the Commercial we have made up our compend.

From The Sun Nov. 17-23, 1891

NOV. 17: Wide open were thrown the doors of the beautiful new home of the Phoenix Club, on Eutaw Place near Mosher Street, last night and the celebration in honor of the building's completion was formally begun.

NOV. 18: One of the largest and most modernly constructed coal piers in the United States will be opened between Eighth and Ninth Avenues, Canton, in a few days by the Baker-Whiteley Coal Company for the transshipment of bituminous coal into vessels and barges.

From The Sun Nov. 17-23, 1941

NOV. 17: A prediction that American vessels will "sweep Hitler's navy from the seas, now that hampering restrictions of the Neutrality Act have been removed," was made last night by Representative D'Alesandro in a speech before a meeting of the East Baltimore Stop Hitler Committee.

NOV. 19: Eighteen Thanksgiving paroles and pardons were issued yesterday by Governor O'Conor. All of the releases were in accordance with recommendations submitted by Herman M. Moser, director of parole and probation.

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