Paragliding in Colorado

November 17, 1991|By New York Times News Service *

Paragliding -- in which participants take off from a mountain slope and float to the valley below -- will be offered to visitors signing up for a three-day course at Aspen, Colo., this winter. Paragliders can control their descent by manipulating the wing, as if they were coming down by parachute.

The lessons, scheduled to begin at Thanksgiving, will be given by the Aspen Paragliding School at the base of Tiehack-Buttermilk Mountain and at the Snowmass Lodge and Golf Course. The twice-weekly courses will cost $375 a person and consist of one day of ground school, with students learning how to handle the canopylike wing without flying, and two days of short flights originating at either Tiehack-Buttermilk or Snowmass. Group classes will be for three to eight people, and each class will have two instructors, with at least one certified by the American Paragliding Association. Private lessons cost $375 day.

Once a student completes three days of training, he or she will be considered a Class I pilot ready for a supervised long flight off Walsh's Run on Aspen Mountain.

C7 More information: (303) 925-7625 or (303) 927-3258.

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