Spurs' Robinson warns Ewing

November 16, 1991|By New York Daily News

SAN ANTOINIO — SAN ANTONIO -- The NBA yesterday fined Patrick Ewing $6,000 for igniting a fight with Indiana Pacers forward Detlef Schrempf on Wednesday night, and Spurs center David Robinson issued a mild warning to the New York Knicks center to keep his hands to himself.

Robinson, who will go chest-to-chest with his future Olympic teammate tonight at the HemisFair Arena, said Ewing likes to throw his arms around in a crowd, something he won't stand for.

"I know he always likes to come out and stick those elbows in people's throats and stuff," Robinson said. "I can see how [the fight] might have started. We're just going to try to establish ourselves, and if that same stuff starts happening, there might be another fight."

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