The Critics' Verdict: 'We Really Do Believe In Fairies'

November 15, 1991|By Joann Greenfield and Benjamin Greenfield | Joann Greenfield and Benjamin Greenfield,Contributing writers

Editor's note: Joann is a 6-year-old first-grader at Cape St. ClaireElementary who enjoys drawing, dancing and playing tic-tac-toe. She tolerates occasional trips to Tower Records with her father, Phil, who reviews the performing arts for the Anne Arundel County Sun. Her brother, Benjamin, a 5-year-old kindergartner, prefers to stay home andwatch the Marx Brothers while wearing his Mickey Mouse ears.

We really like Peter Pan. We have the movie of the "real" Peter Pan and we got the cartoon one out of the video store.

On Sunday, mom and dad took us to the community college to see itin a show.

We really loved it.

As soon as we walked in, Benjamin walked up to the man taking our tickets and said, "Excuse me, sir.How is he going to fly?"

"It's magic!" he said. "It's fairy dust!"

We sat down and looked at the program. "Who's playing everybody?Tell us, dad," we said.

We found out that Laura Holoski was Wendyand D. E. Ortmeyer was Captain Hook. And Peter Pan was Judy Golden.

"She is not a girl," Benjamin said later.

"She is too," said Joann. "Her name is Judy."

"Well, she sounds like a boy," Benjamin said.

"Who's going to be Tiger Lilly?", asked Joann.

Dad said her name was Mary Armour. She was really funny and great.

Joann wentdown to look at the orchestra playing in the pit. "Look! They're wearing Indian feathers, and their faces are painted. And I saw the trombone," she said.

We were anxious for Peter Pan to start. "Sssh," said Benjamin while the lights were still on.

It started.

Look at Nana. She's such a big dog! But there was a person inside. We really laughed when she shook her head "no"!

And there's Tinker Bell! Tinker Bell is a red light! How did they do that?

Peter came flyingthrough the window, and we all clapped. He taught Wendy, John and Michael to fly. And it was so neat because they really went high. We could tell they really weren't flying, because they had strings on them. But everyone went "oooh" every time they did it.

Joann and mom went out to get some Caravelles. They were good.

Captain Hook was very good, and we really laughed when the crocodile crawled on, all byitself. "I'm so happy that the crocodile came at just the right time," said Benjamin after it had chased Captain Hook away.

Tiger Lilly was also our favorite.

We clapped to show Peter that we really do believe in fairies.

And the pirates came down the aisle right near us! Then the Indians came near us. One of them didn't have his shirt on.

When everybody crowed in "I've Gotta Crow," we crowed with them.

"I love the part where Peter Pan flew into the window. And Iwant you to see it," says Joann.

"It still sounds like a boy to me," says Benjamin.

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