'Sally' really looks different

November 15, 1991|By Randi Henderson

Greg Howard was hoping that Sally Forth's new look would slip by without fanfare, except maybe some approval from those critics who have been telling him for years that his drawing is "stiff" and "amateurish."

No such luck. Since a new artist's renderings of the comic strip began running in newspapers this week, Mr. Howard, his syndicate and the 350 papers, including The Sun, that run "Sally Forth" have been receiving dozens of calls -- and they are overwhelmingly negative.

"I'm real happy that everyone cares," Mr. Howard said on the phone from his Minneapolis studio. "But now I have a dilemma."

He thought teaming up with Minneapolis Tribune editorial cartoonist Craig MacIntosh would "improve the art work and bring it up to a new level." The response has caused him to think again, and he's come to the conclusion that some backtracking may be necessary.

However, because of the lead time necessary for most syndicated comic strips, two months' worth of the new look of "Sally Forth" is already in the can. (The new look debuts in the Sunday comics Dec. 1.)

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