Next on lineup: another movie for Michael Jackson?

November 15, 1991|By David J. Fox | David J. Fox,Los Angeles Times

Michael Jackson's new music video, "Black and White," was scheduled to make its debut on nationwide TV last night, but another of the entertainer's projects remains under heavy wraps: a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment to develop a movie titled "MidKnight."

Is it the story of a meek young man by day who secretly changes into a heroic singing and dancing knight at the stroke of midnight?

A Sony executive declined comment.

But he did say that the storyline based on Mr. Jackson's idea would encompass elements of action and, of course, music. And that it will be presented in "different" ways not before seen on the screen.

Based on Mr. Jackson's unspectacular track record with film acting ("The Wiz" and in Disneyland's "Captain EO") some doubt his ability to carry a full-length feature film of his own. But the Sony executive said the company sees Mr. Jackson's appeal and the film as a means to link up to the company's software markets.

Produced by Jon Peters, the former co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and by Oscar-winning "Batman" set designer Anton Furst, "MidKnight" could go into production in the first half of next year. The movie would be distributed by Sony's Columbia Pictures division.

"Now the focus is on the release of Mr. Jackson's new album, but it will shift soon," the spokesman said.

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