Huff's paintings convey quiet beauty of islands


November 15, 1991|By Christine L. Fillat


729 E. Pratt St. Caroline Huff: Paintings, Photographs, Prints of the Cycladic Greek Islands

Caroline Huff's vision includes architectural elements and the ever-present deep blue sea in this collection of 20 photographs, silk screens and paintings. On her many forays to the Greek Islands, the artist photographs what she sees and later, returning to the studio, combines certain elements to create these very large paintings, labeling the end result "romantic realism." What really comes across in these paintings, says curator Mark Morland, is the inherent "quiet beauty" of the islands. Through Nov. 30. Call (410) 426-9038.


Pascal Center for the Performing Arts. "Written in Stone."

In an effort to understand why we make things, ceramacist Sharon Edwards-Russell looks to perhaps the earliest form of sculpture: the ancient burial mound and its underlying stone structure that became exposed after erosion and progression of time. Isolating the form as a primary element, she zeroes in on the shape, the impact of size, and the relationship of stone to stone to create a collection of contemporary ceramic stones. Four are large, single-element pieces, six are small, multi-element pieces in black and white underglazes (in one instance with evidence of the red clay base). Sizes range from nine inches to over three feet in height. Through Nov. 29. Call (410) 541-2218.

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