Crofton Group To Vote On Bylaws

November 14, 1991

The Crofton Civic Association will vote on proposed changes in the organization's bylaws at its general membership meeting Monday night.

If approved, it would alter the way residents are represented and how the tax base is figured, and allow representatives from businesses and developments owning land in Crofton to become officers.

The bylaw changes, proposed last month by a committee, were debated by the Crofton board over a series of meetings several weeks ago. While agreement was reached on most issues, there are two unresolved points.

One deals with whether people who own more than one property in the tax district may cast more than one vote; the other with how much supervision the town manager may give the comptroller.

At least 75 civic association members are needed for a quorum. The meeting is scheduled for 8 p.m. in the Crofton Elementary School.

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