Take A 3-cent Tour Of County Happenings


November 13, 1991|By Russ Mullaly

How about a mixed bag of comments about happenings, positive and negative, here in the county? Some of these I just couldn't let pass without my 2, oops, 3 cents worth.

First, to Councilman Darrel Drown,on his referendum to limit terms of council members -- I wonder how stupid he thinks voters are? Voters already know about limiting termsof council members or other officeholders: They do it by simply voting for someone else. If Drown wants his term limited, he can wait until the next election and let the voters decide. Voters in Washington state recently indicated that they don't want to limit officeholders'terms by voting down just such a referendum.

Then we have Delegate John Morgan, who wants to eliminate "obscene dancing" by passing a bill to ban live "obscene performances." Thiswas prompted by complaints about the Good Guys Bar and Grill in Laurel. Last I heard, we have liquor board laws that ban lewd performances, and the performances of the female dances at Good Guys passed the board's inspection. By the way, no one is forced to patronize this establishment.

Next we have the usual number of "book-burners" popping out of the woodwork to ask that certain books be banned from the school libraries. Why does this always seem to happen around Halloween?

Come on, folks, let's lighten up a bit with all these conservative attitudes. One can go too far to the right, as well. Then it begins to sound like the '50s, and do you really want to see the '60s happen again, with all the unrest over oppressive attitudes and institutions?


This from the stay-tuned department: Where will the 500-pound gorilla, Wal-Mart, that wants to locate in the Ellicott City area, finally sit?


I can't believe things have gotten so bad that a kid in Columbia was mugged for his candy while trick-or-treating. Watch out, Santa!


Speaking of Columbia, does this make sense? The only place the Columbia Association can find to build a maintenance facility is in the Columbia Hills area of Ellicott City? Makes as much sense as the Board of Education still insisting the only place they can find to build a school is in Rockburn Park.


On a more positive note, though, in the midst of all the recent depressing news, economic and otherwise, there have been some bright spots:

*Andy Clark moved to his new, larger Clark's Hardware store farther west on U.S. 40 in Ellicott City.

* Elkridge's new Elkridge Cornersshopping center is bringing goods and services close to the residents who previously had to travel to Ellicott City, Columbia or Baltimore County to do their shopping.

* The residents of Timberview in Elkridge, thanks to cooperation between state and county governments, now have a noise barrier between them and Interstate 95.

* The somehow resilient Jessup/Columbia Gateway Mall is trying yet another theme, the flea market mall. It seems to be working. Think about it: all the fun of a yard sale, without having to drive all over the county. And for the sellers, no weather problems and no "early birds" to bother you before you've had your coffee.

Speaking of malls, Chatham'snew face lift looks far more substantial than the previous efforts. Just don't change the traffic pattern in the parking lot again -- thepresent one works much better than the last one.

Now all we need is the money to make holiday purchases.

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