A Rebirth In Boxing? Round One Delivers


November 13, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

I thought we would come out punching this week with our dose of "Q'swithout A's." But before I start swinging, let's go over the rules.

If you have an answer or response or a question of your own, you are always welcome to give me a buzz on the 24-Hour Sportsline, 647-2499.

* Are you going to be a part of the start of something big when the Josh Hall-Victoria Savaliski Round One Promotions has its inaugural dinner and boxing show at Michael's 8th Avenue Thursday night?

Do you agree with me that a boxing rebirth is in the air with the moveto Michael's, where the accent will be on entertainment, comfort andsports?

Did you know tickets are still available at $30 and for more information you can call 760-2699?

* Is this great news or what? Jennifer Chapman, a 6-foot-1 senior center and three-year varsity basketball starter at Broadneck High, has received a full scholarshipto the University of Vermont and will sign a national letter of intent today.

Jennifer, the daughter of Steve and Sue Chapman, is not only an outstanding basketball player but an "A" student as well and has truly earned this wonderful opportunity.

Did you know that very few girls from this county ever have gotten a full ride to college?

* While the Board of Education takes a lot of heat for various reasons, doesn't it deserve a salute for finding ways to keep the best high school sports program in the state, bar none, afloat?

Isn't it great to know that someone such as Dr. Dennis Younger, executive director of instruction, is open-minded about listening to ways to solve problems as he was Monday in resolving the holiday tournament dilemma?

Younger and the committee listened as Annapolis athletic director Fred Stauffer made his winning pitch to use gate receipts to pay custodians and administrators to let the tournaments go on and still save money during this budget crisis.

Did you know that Younger will huddle with the county athletic directors at the end of this week to discuss what to do with games scheduled on Jan. 3?

That's a furlough, and if schools are closed, no games. One game is scheduled that night, which could create a big problem in rescheduling.

It's the first meeting of 4A Region IV powers Broadneck and Annapolis. Basketball teams are allowed to play three games in a week one time duringa season under Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association rules, and the two teams already have one such week on their schedules.

"To move it to another week would be a violation of state rules, so I guess we will have to see if the state will waive the rule or something because it doesn't look like we can reschedule it," said Stauffer.

The game has to be played, so how about playing it at Truxtun Park?

With the first five Annapolis hoop games at home in December, isn't it great that Coach John Brady should get the two he needs for the 300-win milestone on his home court? Wouldn't it be extraspecial for Brady to win the first over Carver on Dec. 13 then ring up No. 300 on Dec. 16 over his alma mater, Mount St. Joseph High?

* Can you believe that basketball and wrestling practice starts Friday?

C'mon now, how many of you hoop coaches have been slyly runningpractices in your open gyms because no coordinator of physical education has been on the job to check you out?

If you have, won't you please call me?

* Wouldn't it be great for cohesion and county sports if Old Mill athletic director Jim Dillon is named coordinator of physical education and Rick Wiles, a former phys-ed student of Dillon's when he was at Andover High, is named assistant coordinator?

Wouldn't Dillon and Wiles make a great team?

* How many high school quarterbacks could have done what Severna Park's junior Tim Bowerman did Friday night? He called an audible at the line of scrimmage with the clock running down and then calmly tossed a game-winning touchdown pass to John Milisitz with no time left to lift the Falcons over archrival Annapolis, 16-14?

Did you know that Friday afternoon Severna Park coach Andy Borland showed his team a film on having faith andthat was on the minds of the players in their incredible comeback?

Did Annapolis coach Roy Brown show his Panthers "Nightmare on Elm Street" to brace them for another horror show? Annapolis lost all fourof its games in the waning seconds and at home.

Could anyone haveblamed Brown if he had jumped off the Bay Bridge Friday after losingat the gun a fourth time? "The water was too cold," said Brown.

*What do you think of this question from Borland after the game Friday night: "I feel euphoric. Bet you didn't know football coaches knew words like that did you?"

* Have you heard Archbishop Spalding's power-hitting baseball outfielder Marty Hall sing the national anthem?After singing the Star-Spangled Banner at Cavaliers home games this fall, will Hall be performing it at hoop games as well?

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