New York museum says no to Stones film

November 13, 1991|By Knight-Ridder

The Rolling Stones got a stern no from Manhattan's American Museum of Natural History, where the boys wanted to have a six-month run of their new film, "Rolling Stones at the Max," a chronicle of their 1988-89 "Steel Wheels" tour.

The Stones were hot for the museum because its four-story 66-foot-wide screen was the city's only one designed for the IMAX format in which the film was shot.

Instead, the movie will open Nov. 22 at Manhattan's Beacon Theater, where seating must be reduced from 2,000 to 700 to accommodate the process.

"We don't have anything against rock 'n' roll," said a museum spokesman, adding that a six-month commitment "would have been too disruptive to our educational programs." He also said that the screen's current attraction, "Beavers," "is fascinating. A lot of it was shot underwater."

IN Baltimore, the movie, ''At the Max,'' opens Friday at the Maryland Science Center's IMAX theater.

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