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November 13, 1991

Judy Hasler, the co-owner of House Calls Interiors in Towson, believes that like interiors, clothes should reflect a person's character and have a long life. "If clothes are of a good design, they're enduring. Just like household antiques, clothes shouldn't thrown away simply because they'reold." Judy lives in Lutherville with her husband, John, an associate dean at the University of Maryland Dental School. She has two children, Steven, 29 and Susan, 26.

How would you describe your taste in clothing?

Zippy classic. I don't collect clothes that you throw away the very next season, but I avoid cookie-cutter styles so I don't look like a store mannequin.

What's the newest thing in your closet?

My mother-of-the-groom dress. It's black and white peau de soie with white cap sleeves and black ribbons across the top. Definitely not boring!

What's the oldest thing in your closet?

A black velvet, hooded coat lined with white satin. It's a holdover from my prom days, but I still wear it on grand occasions.

Do you have a true standby that you wear to feel good?

A 15-year-old pair of Docksides. They've seen a lot of miles with me.

What have you held on to for sentimental reasons?

In 1958, I bought a gold taffeta dress with red orange roses on a trip to Italy. It has a portrait collar, bubble skirt and cap sleeves. It's in style today -- my own original retro outfit.

What is your wardrobe weakness?

I lack a surplus of thong bikinis.

What's the most expensive item in your closet?

That's hard to say, because my husband buys outfits for me, so it's probably one of those.

What's the least expensive item in your closet?

A red and white sweatband I wear when I go running.

What's the wildest outfit you ever bought?

A pair of lace pantaloons.

What is your favorite accessory?

A '60s handbag made of ponyskin fur and leather, with brass studs and ball feet. It looks like a box you could put on your coffee table.

Do you have any shopping tips to share?

When you shop, buy clothes that you can wear with your existing wardrobe. Don't buy something that doesn't fit in, just because it's on sale.

If you could buy anything in the world you wanted, what would it be?

I'd make sure that everyone in the world who needed clothes, had them.

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