Linthicum Church Marks 25 Years Of 'Rich History'

November 12, 1991|By Rosalie Falter Community correspondent

"We have had a rich history," Pastor Frank Bondurant said Saturday, during a special service commemorating the Linthicum Seventh-day Adventist Church's 25th anniversary, "and with God's grace, (we will have) a rich future."

During the service, parishioner Rae Mackey read the church history, recalling the major events and milestones since its beginning in 1966, when 59 people gathered at Andover High School.Later, they would begin meeting at St. John's Lutheran Church. Aftereight years, they built and moved into their present A-frame building on Andover Road.

Jean Trebes narrated a video on the construction of the building.Church members were shown digging the foundation, pouring cement, nailing boards and serving food. Construction took two years.

"Much of the hard labor was done by members of the church," Bondurant said."Every man, woman and child was involved in the work."

The pastorintroduced seven charter members. One of them recalled that digging through the white clay was probably the hardest part of the job. Another remembered painting the window frames and how climbing so high frightened her.

"It took courage and boldness for those who made thechanges to start this church," the pastor said, referring to those who began the church in Linthicum.

"In the midst of confusion, the church stands," said Bondurant, who has been at the church five years. "The church is God's vehicle for changing people's lives."

Charmaine Ridgely led the people in congregational prayer. Nat Moore and Kevin Duvall each sang a special "Testimony in Music".

A homecomingmeal was served after the service, followed by a time of fellowship.

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