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November 11, 1991|By Phyllis Flowers and Phyllis Lucas

If you want to be where the action is, head for the schools. We haveplenty of accomplishments to acknowledge and programs to tell you about this week.


Belle Grove Elementary School news: The following pupils were winners of the school Halloween costume contest.

First grade: Marion Bennett, most original; Jamie Blake, prettiest; Roger McGheer, scariest; and Amanda Turek, funniest. Also: Steven Moore, most original; Tanya Schools, prettiest; Jamie Greene, scariest; and Tyler Satterfield, funniest.

Second grade: Christopher Sank, most original; Brandy Bledsoe, prettiest; Matthew Soldati, scariest; and Katie Barrett, funniest.

Third grade: Bryan Caperoon, most original; Nikki Heward, prettiest; William Miller, scariest; and Jason Lhamon, funniest.

Fourth grade: Freddie Lloyd, most original; Angel Wilburn, prettiest; Dennis Perry, scariest; and Ricky Husted, funniest.

Fifth grade: Crystal Orr, most original; Shannon Whitmore, prettiest; Robert Kroedel, scariest; and Gary Downey, funniest.

Sixth grade: Daniel Atwell,most original; Bridget Porter, prettiest; Jason Gavigan, scariest; and Kevin Ebersole, funniest.

The school will begin its Big Buddy Program again this year. This program pairs a sixth-grader with a kindergartner for reading. The older pupils will read to their buddies, write questions for them to answer and help illustrate the stories they read.

The program will continue through the year.

The Pillowcase Reading Program will begin this week for first-graders. Thanks toSandy Mansberger and Gail Ebersole for volunteering to hear the pupils read and help with their illustrations.

A Homework Hot Line is starting up at the school this week. Pupils in grades three through six will be given the names of two children they can call if they havea question about their homework.

A PTA board meeting will begin at 6 p.m. tomorrow in the media room.

Graduates will be returning to the school as guest readers for "Alumni Guest Reader Day." Former teachers and administrators as well have been invited to read to the pupils at 1 p.m. Thursday.


Brooklyn Park Elementary School news: In conjunction with Children's Book Week, the school will feature a program entitled "Catch a Kid Reading a Book."

Every time a child is "caught" reading a book during free time in class, the teacher will give that child a stamp to put his or her name on. At the end of the day, the stamps will be put in a bowl for a daily drawing. Prizeswill include books, bookmarks and other reading materials.

On Friday, a grand prize winner will be drawn from all the stamps in the bowl. Also during the week, a Read to the Principal Program will begin.Pupils who do well during their reading class will be given a read-a-gram to take to the principal. For reading to the principal, the children will receive a McDonald's gift certificate.

A special thanksto Darlene Austin, Ramona Jimeno and Jennifer Loughran for volunteering to listen to the first-graders read for their Pillowcase Reading Program, which begins this week.

"Alumni Guest Readers Day" will begin at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow.

The Human Relations Committee is collecting non-perishable items to be distributed to needy families for Thanksgiving. A drop-off box is located in the lobby.


Brooklyn Park/Lindale Middle Junior High School news: All students who participated in the band fund-raiser are reminded to turn in their money this week.


Park Elementary School news: Come and see your favorite turkeys, Indians and pilgrims at the PTO meeting at 7 p.m. tomorrow.

The second-graders will be presenting a short Thanksgiving playand singing songs.

The school is raising money by selling chocolates, candy bars and wrapping paper. The children are asked to return all money to the school by Friday.

Congratulations to the pupils who won the Halloween costume contest.

Pre-K and kindergarten: Katie Kosack, prettiest; Brad Bathgate, funniest; Matthew Woodhealth, scariest; and Celicei Cesenaro, most original.

First and second grades: Kevin Noratel, scariest; Emily Howell, prettiest; Crystal Knight, most original; and Mark Lambert, funniest.

Third and fourth grades: Stacey Lambert, funniest; Teresa Weaver, scariest; Carolyn Simonds,prettiest; and Sarah Boyd, most original.

Fifth and sixth grade: Crystal Keyser, most original; Jamie Lambert, prettiest; Chris Vick, funniest; and Chrissy Youngbar, scariest.

The reading incentive program F.I.R.E.D. (Falling Into Reading Every Day) has begun.

Pupils are asked to submit a signed F.I.R.E.D. slip for each book they have read. At the end of the week, one slip is drawn, and that child receives a prize.

All slips are retained for the grand prize drawing Dec. 20.


North County High School news: The PTSA and band aresponsoring a Citrus Fruit Sale. Boxes of naval oranges ($17) and redgrapefruit ($16) are for sale.

If you are interested, contact a student, or call the school at 859-5400.

The PTSA would like to thank everyone who helped make the flea market a success.

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