UM faculty, students assail cuts PROTEST IN PLAIN ENGLISH

November 11, 1991|By Monica Norton | Monica Norton,Evening Sun Staff

A raucous crowd of several thousand students, faculty and maintenance workers at the University of Maryland at College Park today protested in the cold against $40 million in state budget cuts.

Among the protesters was UM President William E. Kirwan.

"We feel we need to make a stand," Sandra Sardanelli, a staff member in the botany department, said while at the protest in front of the university's main administration building.

"The morale for some time has really been low among students and teachers. It's hitting every section of the university."

She said some entire departments are slated for termination, students are paying higher tuition, library staff has been cut back and health services have been reduced. Reductions in classes will also force some students to pay for an extra semester or more to obtain enough credits for their degrees.

The cuts have eliminated the university's radio, television and film major, and severely cut the English and engineering programs.

The English department faculty, who are participating in a two-day work stoppage to make their point, will lose 15 staff members from the state budget cut, which was driven by the recession.

"Quality faculty are leaving because there is not funding for what they do best, and that is teach," said Cassandra Michaud, 22, a senior anthropology major. "Quality students will leave, too, because this will no longer be a quality university."

"Thank God for our students," said Kirwan, who joined students in the rallying cry of "No more cuts!"

"Your voices, together with the voices of our staff, are being heard in Annapolis."

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