On Brooks' sideThis letter is in response to one by George...


November 10, 1991

On Brooks' side

This letter is in response to one by George W. Schruefer, which appeared in The Sun Nov. 3. He was upset about the Colts band and Johnny Unitas participating in the last game at Memorial Stadium.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this a farewell program to a stadium where both baseball and football were played? It's hard to forget all of the thrills John Unitas gave this city while participating in the world's largest outdoor insane asylum.

What really irked me about Schruefer's letter was his referring to Brooks Robinson as a "jerk." That's equivalent to kicking the Easter Bunny. Frankly, I wouldn't mind if my son grew up to be a "jerk" like Brooks. Just think, if the Orioles had nine jerks like Brooks, they would be in the World Series for many years to come.

Murray S. Hankin


Another nay

I'm writing in regard to the Nov. 3 letter from George W. Schruefer. I have found no possible reason to disagree with the choice of the Colts band to play the national anthem; after all, they still are in Baltimore. Remember, this was not just a final game of the 1991 baseball season for a sixth-place team, but also a final game at a stadium where all professional (Baltimore) sports have come to an end.

Johnny Unitas did his part for Baltimore's sports fans, not just you. Calling Brooks Robinson "a jerk" is outrageous. Brooks may not be blessed with a Chuck Thompson voice or knowledge of announcing, but he offers insight for the kids, as well as his loyalty to Baltimore. Brooks and Johnny U. deserved to be on that field at the same time throwing out the first ball, because, without either of these men, Baltimore and Memorial Stadium may have been deserted years ago. In closing, I would like to say to Schruefer that Bob Irsay is looking for a few new buddies to bend the elbow with. It sounds like you fit in perfectly.

Bob Jordan


Make it three

The letter last Sunday from George W. Schruefer deserves a brief reply. Anyone who turned off the final game at Memorial Stadium, calls Brooks Robinson a jerk and says he'll not watch another Orioles game on Channel 2 until 1994 maybe might want to check into his own jerkness. I'll say no more.

Leonard Arzt


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