Team gets six hits in one inning, yet does not score...

Q. A

November 10, 1991

Q. A team gets six hits in one inning, yet does not score. How come?

Joseph Thaddeus Kasprzak


A. Incredibly bad luck and slow runners. The unlikely scenario could work with runners hit by batted balls or a combination of runners hit and pickoffs, according to Sun baseball writer Peter Schmuck. For example: Three straight singles load the bases (Sam Horn clones running, perhaps). The runner at third then is picked off. Another single reloads the bases. The runner at second is picked off. Yet another single has the bases full (or sacks drunk, to use outmoded parlance). The final hitter hits a sharp drive to left of second base, striking the runner. The runner is out, for the third out, and the batter is awarded a hit, for the sixth hit of the inning for those of you scoring at home. The same feat could be accomplished with three runners hit by batted balls. But don't worry, fans, the Orioles have hired a base-running coach.

Q. No bet on this question, only my credibility is at stake. Whilconjuring up Memorial Stadium memories, I asked my boyfriend which Colt scored the last touchdown at Memorial Stadium. Also, if it's too much trouble, could you possibly break it down as to who scored the last receiving TD and rushing TD? For the record, my boyfriend has no clue, and I say either Curtis Dickey rushing or Pat Beach receiving. Maybe I can get a free dinner if I'm not too far off.

Cindy Goodman Bel Air

There is no such thing as a free dinner. Don't forget, your credibility is at stake. On the other hand, you not only have a clue, but you also have a right answer. The last touchdown

scored by a Colt at Memorial Stadium was by Pat Beach on a 12-yard pass from Mike Pagel on Dec. 18, 1983, against the Houston Oilers. Raul Allegre's extra-point kick was the final point scored at the stadium. The final rushing TD came a month earlier, Nov. 13 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, on a 5-yard effort by Curtis Dickey. Don't let that boyfriend of yours off the hook. In fact, make it two dinners. At expensive restaurants. With bottles of wine. And big tips for the waiters and the snooty maitres d'.

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