Reporter Invaded Privacy

Readers write

November 10, 1991

From: Sandra G. Kemp

Official Court Reporter

County Circuit Court

Bel Air

In reference to Alan J. Craver's article in the Harford County Sun, Oct. 27, "Girl with multiple personalities seeks to testify," regarding the postponement of a court case, I have a few comments. I am the court reporter in that case.

I found Craver's need to mention the reason for my having to leave that day irrelevant to his story. In doing so, he was thoughtless and cruel.

In ordinary living, people do experience a need for personal leave at times. I feel that Craver invaded my privacy and attemptedto trivialize a private moment in my life.

My dad once told me a story about his days as a news cameraman for a local television station. He and a reporter had been sent to the scene of a tragedy to interview the parents of someone who had died in that tragedy.

Upon arriving, they interviewed some friends and neighbors, but agreed they could not bring themselves to intrude upon the lives of the bereaved.So, they came back and said the parents were unavailable for comment.

Their decision that day didn't produce sensational news coverageor change the course of world events, but I am sure there were two people very grateful for their compassion and understanding.


From: Heidi Morris

Settlement officer

PrestigeTitle Co.


Yesterday, I was provided with a copy of the article on Landmark Homes that appeared in the Harford County Sun, Oct. 20, "Home re-raising salvages Bel Air house."

I was delightedthat (contributing writer Jodi) Bizar spelled my name correctly; however, that seems to be the only aspect of the article that she reported accurately. I was very offended at the quotes attributed to me, asthey are words that I never said, implied or expressed.

Though I am very angry at the misquote attributed to me, it does nothing to equal the hurt it caused Clarence Klienfelter. How could an editor allow something so thoughtless and cruel be said about someone like Klienfelter? If Bizar had any perception at all she would have undoubtedlynoticed the pride Klienfelter had in his home. He is a gracious and gentle man who has survived all that life has dealt him with a very positive outlook. I know. I spent much of the day just talking with him.

It is too late to repair the harm that such a thoughtless article has caused but it is not too late for you to make amends to Klienfelter. I feel that your paper should take responsibility for false reporting and make direct amends to Klienfelter for the cruel and thoughtless way you portrayed him.

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