Home Seizure Finds Room For Improvement

Suspect Accused Of Charging Goods To Contractors' Tabs

November 10, 1991|By Samuel Goldreich | Samuel Goldreich,Staff writer

If anybody is missing a traffic signal, please call the Bel Air police.

The street light was among thousands of dollars worth of itemspolice seized last Sunday during a raid on a Bel Air man's home.

Ronald Wayne Saunders Sr., 46, was arrested on a drug possession charge stemming from a police investigation of the theft of thousandsof dollars worth of home improvement goods. Police said the suspect posed as a paying customer.

Police said they recovered a quarter-gram of cocaine and less than an ounce of marijuana from Saunders' home in the 1300 block of Churchville Road.

The drugs were included on a search and seizure warrant served at the Churchville Road addressand two other properties, Cpl. Wallace A. Harward, a Bel Air police spokesman, said.

A room in the Bel Air police station was turned into a home improvement warehouse last week, as merchants stopped by to identify their goods.

"Most of these goods were received throughdeception by fraudulently charging to somebody else's accounts," Harward said.

The raids Sunday night followed a series of thefts fromstores beginning in March that were investigated by the Bel Air, Aberdeen, and state police departments and the county Sheriff's Office.

Merchants from throughout the county reported filling orders from contractors who said they never asked for the merchandise, he said.

Police recovered construction and painting supplies, hand and powertools, furniture, toilets, medicine cabinets and other bathroom fixtures, a wood stove, and a television.

Police also raided a vacant home in the unit block of Swan Street in Aberdeen and a commercial building in the 3700 block of Pulaski Highway in Abingdon, where Saunders ran Rainbow Painting.

All the goods were recovered from Saunders' Churchville Road home, Harward said. Not all the property reportedstolen was found.

Saunders was held without bond on the drug charge and theft charges are pending a grand jury indictment.

Saundersalso faces an unserved indictment on charges of drug possession withthe intent to distribute stemming from an August arrest, court records show. He also faces trial for theft last October, when he was charged with switching price tags on packages of filet mignon and pork chops in a grocery store, court records show.

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