Family Squabbles

Readers write

November 10, 1991

From: John A. Shade


Through the past six months, the Northeast Family has attempted to save our school through legal means. Even though our efforts may have seemed to be extreme on occasions, they have always been conductedin a legally permissible and dignified manner.

Letters have been written to the editor criticizing these efforts, by people in supportof Dr. (Larry L.) Lorton (superintendent of Anne Arundel County public schools), the Anne Arundel County school board and (Northeast Principal Dr. Joseph) Carducci.

I strongly believe these people shouldlearn the facts before rendering an opinion in support of either side of the issue. The majority of the letters, in support of our opposition, has come from citizens outside the Northeast High School community, so they cannot realize our plight after the arrival of Dr. Carducci. Furthermore, I doubt these people have any children in the public school system, because if they did, they would certainly not support the oppressive Dr. Lorton and the Anne Arundel County school board.

Recently, the president of the United States asked parents to take a greater role in the education of their children. The Anne ArundelCounty school board, however, says, "Give us your children and keep your mouth shut." They have assumed dictatorial power and will not tolerate any input or influence from anyone. Since as taxpayers we fundthe school board, we should have a say in the policies set by the board. Patrick Henry said, "Taxation without representation is tyranny," and Webster's explains tyranny as "oppressive and absolute power administered by a tyrant" -- Hello, Dr. Lorton.

If our critics wouldcare to be relieved of their ignorance of the facts and would like to learn of rule by intimidation, censorship, and dictatorial oppression, they are cordially welcome to attend one of our meetings, at the Woodland Beach Inn (in the dining room, not the bar).

In closing, I would like to convey a message to our local representative in the County Council. Mr. Carl "Dutch" Holland, the Northeast family will beglad to give you the same support which you have given to us. None. It will be our pleasure to assist you in committing political suicide.


From: James Lyons


Anne Arundel County LearningCenter

We would like to issue a special appealto all readers to send us Giant cash register receipts and double coupons. We make this appeal because we are a public school without a PTA or parent organization.

We are the Anne Arundel County LearningCenter. Our school is used by the county as an alternative school for students experiencing behavioral difficulties in their home school.

We serve students throughout the entire county. Last year, our school was able to gain contributions of our small faculty and community support.

For those people who would like to help our efforts to provide computer-assisted instruction to our students, please send our receipts and double coupons to:

Anne Arundel County Learning Center

245 Clay St.

Annapolis, Md. 21401

All slips and double coupons from Giant will be greatly appreciated by the faculty and students.


From: Ted Sophocleus


The most compelling observations I have heard to date relate to the splitting of communities or thereuniting of old communities. I am a firm believer that all efforts must be made to keep contiguous communities together, regardless of the number of councilmen.

Whether it be Severna Park, Severn, Crofton or Brooklyn Park, everyone benefits by keeping communities with common interests together in one councilmanic district. I have seen firsthand the strength of conviction a single-minded group can have on everyone. People need to stay together tostand tall to protect the interest of their communities and the common bonds that keep them together as a team. A single voice over shared concerns always strengthens the quality of all residents represented by many communities.

I am confident the Redistricting Committee and the County Council will keep those thoughts in the forefront of their efforts to ensure the harmony and community strength that is vital to a good and healthy county.

As to the number of councilmen needed to ensure proper representation to all citizens, I believe that the council should be expanded. Why? I believe with the addition of 10,000 new residents to each district, it becomes a difficult task to ensure everyone proper representation.

Sure, the existing member can function with the additional

10,000 new residents in their districts and maybe they will attend the additional 10 to 15 new civic and improvement associations. And, I am sure they will make every effort to address the needs of all their constituents. However, the citizens that slip through the cracks of bureaucracy are the losers.

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