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November 10, 1991


Editor: As I read Arlene Ehrlich's story ["A Stricken Father, A Devastated Daughter"] in the Sun Magazine Sept. 15 I felt she was writing about my husband. What went through my mind was, "O God, is this Parkinson's or another case of misdiagnosed Huntington's disease?"

The Huntington's Disease Foundation has been working the past 20 years to prevent this, but unfortunately it is still happening. For her sake I hope it is not the case.

A. Sherwood



Editor: . . . I read Mike Giuliano's article "Masters of the Music" (Sept. 22) with interest. . . . I believe [he] failed to give his subject the broad coverage it deserves. I noticed one thing about the DJs pictured in the photographs accompanying the article: all were white. And only one DJ was mentioned in the article who plays at a nightspot that I know exists in a black neighborhood: Willard Swan at the New Haven Lounge. The article gives the impression that the New Haven is the only place where the black community goes to hear quality party music. This is not the case.

Did Mr. Giuliano visit Whitten's, an after-hours club that draws in upwards of 1,000 patrons to hear the disc-spinning of Chris Piniero? Did he visit the Summer Happy Hours at Martin's West, where 1,000 or more patrons partied to music from R&B, funk and rap to "club music"? I see no evidence of such research on his part. . . .

Alan B. Clifford



Editor: Dining out with your staff of restaurant reviewers must be a very boring experience since none of them seems to know or care or even think anything about wine with their meals. It may come as a surprise to you and your staff, but there are a lot of us out there that wouldn't consider an evening meal without an appropriate bottle of wine. It adds an extra dimension to any meal. . . .

Jim Gabler



Editor: When I saw that Janice Baker had reviewed the Nickel City Grill [Oct. 6], it was with great chagrin. I feared one of my favorite new finds would soon be inaccessible without advance reservations. After reading Ms. Baker's article, I was so surprised I decided to take pen in hand and send you this letter.

Both my husband and I have visited the Nickel City Grill on a number of occasions. . . . We have found the food to be excellent, the service more than adequate, and the ambience consistent with the Inner Harbor location. In fact, the Nickel City Grill has become one of our favorite restaurants. We sincerely hope that Ms. Baker, who clearly must have hit the Grill on a very off night, will give this restaurant another try. . . .

Jill S. Gansler



Editor: In the Sun Magazine section dated Oct. 13 the photo contest winners were published. What a joke! With one exception -- the one color winner, the woman with the yellow umbrella walking by the water, is worthy of comment. On page 15, what is this, a sideshow? Three chickens in a "butcher shop"? The judges must have been blindfolded playing pin the tail on the donkey for this one. I submitted to this contest excellent photography and no doubt I also speak for the many other people who also submitted photographs of high esteem. . . . My fondest hope is that nobody enters your contest next year. . . .

Melvin Chalone


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