The plane truthYou've heard of Air Force One, the...

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November 09, 1991

The plane truth

You've heard of Air Force One, the presidential plane?

Now there's North Stars Won, the official name of the Minnesota North Stars' plane.

After a long runway delay recently after a defeat in Los Angeles, one player said: "The tower can't find us. They should be looking for North Stars Lost."

The King and I

Sacramento Kings forward Wayman Tisdale says that getting Mitch Richmond from the Golden State Warriors is "one of the best moves the Kings have made in a long time. I mean, one of the best since they got me."

Today's gardening tip

Oregon State, Cal's opponent this week, hasn't had a winning season in 21 years. In Corvallis, they say: How do you keep Beavers out of your yard? Put up some goal posts.

Coach Windbag

Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka had some critical remarks this week about the Minnesota Vikings, whom the Bears play Monday night. Says Vikings coach Jerry Burns: "In his defense, Chicago was known as the Windy City long before he arrived on the scene."

Battle cry

Forward Charles Barkley's assessment of the Philadelphia 76ers' season: "It's going to be a war out there this year. I just don't know if we're going to be the United States or Kuwait."

The quote

NBC's Marv Albert, noting speculation that Houston Oilers quarterback Warren Moon might someday run for the U.S. Senate, said: "Warren told us he has higher goals -- becoming a TV color commentator."

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